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Home & Housewares

Funny how one great idea can generate dozens more. That’s exactly how Schroeder & Tremayne ended up manufacturing and marketing exciting solutions-based products for the housewares market. Below is a quick snapshot of “how it all began.”

It all began in a small South Saint Louis apartment where two of our employees lived. There wasn’t much space and the dishwasher didn’t work very well so they washed a lot of dishes by hand. The drain board under their dish rack was moldy and yucky so they started putting a mat, originally designed for autos, under their dish rack. It worked amazingly well, plus they could wash and reuse it. They brought the idea to the product development team for commercialization and the rest is history. The Dish Drying Mat became a #1 best selling revolution in housewares!

Since then our team has come up with clever new products designed to make taking care of your home easier with outstanding results. We offer a total brand solution from private label to pinnacle specialty and every market in between.

Home & Housewares

S&T Inc

S&T’s exclusive microfiber line of products for the home and pets are offered through mass market retailers.

Kitchen Basics

Our practical, value-packed microfiber line created specifically for discount shoppers.

The Original

The Original line of products includes solutions for home and pets.

Stylish, high performance microfiber products for customers of kitchen specialty, gourmet housewares, gift stores and more.